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Why Wellness?


Less missing work as a result of poor health


Lower turnover rate


Less likely to seek out a new employer in the next year


Lower health-related costs vs. those who are struggling or suffering

41 or 62%

More likely to report a full recovery after an illness, injury, or hardship


As likely to say they always adapt well to change

More than 2x

More likely to volunteer


Job satisfaction


Loyalty to their employer


With overall health and well-being, both on and off the job



Why bePrana?

Passionate about organizational and individual well-being

Progression oriented

Goal-based design

Asia based – Global network

Wellness Integration to provide holistic solutions

Specializes in optimize organizational and individual’ Wellness/Well-being which in turn improving productivity, engagement, and your VOI (Value of investment)

Tailored Wellness approach

Who Are Our Clients?

Corporates, SMEs, NGOs

Depends on the size and structure of your team or organization, we will tailor a Wellness Program that uniquely fits your goals and current Wellness level. Please contact us.

Co-working Spaces, Accelerators, Incubators

Your members, startups founders or independent freelancers/artists/creatives, are working hard. The Wellness program(s) that include activities to help shaping healthier habits and improve well-being will create the difference in your members’ quality of life, as well as for your brand recognition.

Groups, Individuals

We provide Wellness Profiling, Nutrition, Physical Activities, and Sleep Quality Training, workshops and classes near you. Please find details below.

bePrana team

Giang Pham


Stoney Nhien

Sustainable and Environmental Wellness Lead

Jack Le – Vu Thai

Mobile App Lead

Stay tuned for our team updates soon.

Anna Y.

Head of Strategy & Business Planning, APAC
at a Global Biotech

During a weekend in Hoi An, I was able to experience some of bePrana Wellness’s offerings, and I especially appreciated the physical activities – sunrise yoga by the rice fields, personal morning training to assess flexibility & to identify the weaker areas of my body, and a 12 week training guide on how I can improve these areas.

I was also able to observe the organic farm where the nutrient course & cooking course are held, and to get a glimpse of the yoga center + hotel that can host a wellness retreat.

I can see bePrana’s retreat offerings as a great option for my company’s 2-3 day year-end management offsite meeting, as an opportunity for the team to celebrate, to recharge, and to reset for the new year

Sarah Kuhlemann

Founder & Owner
Hub Hoi An Coworking Space
Hoi An, Vietnam

bePrana is doing an amazing job in all wellness related
fields like physical and mental well being as well as
nutrition planning. At Hub Hoi An, we have implemented
the Yoga classes into our weekly schedules. 
For our team at Hub Hoi An, bePrana set up a gentle
morning yoga workout that helps us to stay energized
through our workday. Additionally, bePrana is holding
nutrition workshops for our team and individual
With the holistic concept bePrana helped our team and
members to improve their overall wellbeing. Definitely
recommendable for all genders, ages, fitness levels,
individuals and teams. 
Also supportive for people suffering from depression,

burnout, stress or anxiety.

Monica Fink

Hoi An Nursing Services

As a founder of Hoi An Mobile Nursing business, bePrana wellness has taught me great knowledge and practices on nutritional wellness. This allows me to help people with medical issues to seek nutrition as a source of remedy in many cases.

It has also given me personal insight into my own body to help improve my health. This allows me to stay healthy and provide care for those who need it. bePrana wellness has a vast array of knowledge and I'm glad to have learned from their amazing instructor.

Philip Tetley-Jones

Dispensary Communications Ltd

My business revolves around communication and writing, which is a sedentary profession. The problem here is that it’s easy to slip into bad habits that undermine one’s health and productivity. Diet and activity can be neglected in the rush to meet deadlines and meet the requirements of clients.

bePrana has been a wonderful counter-force. They offer insights and practical guidance to develop healthier habits and reinforce wellness. This is not only good for health; it is great for productivity. Even better – they make the whole process fun. I think it’s the way of the future.

Anne Le

L&D Manager
Grand Mercure Danang

As a Learning and Development Manager at Accor Group, I appreciate the opportunity to be trained by top coaches. Since I started working with bePrana, I have learnt not only about my current nutritional and physical status, but more
importantly, how to progressively improve my overall health and wellbeing.

At Accor, we have multiple training programs to develop soft skills, techniques and hospitality culture. Since training teams and future managers is one of my top priorities, I thought Accor programs would be enough. However, thanks to bePrana, I’m realizing that we need more.

Working in hospitality is challenging, with long hours and shift work. This calls for a strong and healthy body. An integrated Wellness program of nutritional and physical training should be added so that our team’s talents can develop holistically and sustainably.

Allison Sanders

Director of Impact & Development

The team is an extremely knowledgeable health professional, and even more importantly, she shares her knowledge through bePrana Wellness with genuine passion and enthusiasm. They are very inspired to help people understand their current status of their health and well-being and experience the positive impact of optimal health in their lives.

The team does everything she can to make optimal health accessible to everyone she meets! They spreads this inspiration by taking the time to truly connect with others and invite them to learn about their own steps to better health. I highly recommend bePrana Wellness if you and your team are keen on improving your health, especially for nutrition, hydration, and holistic well-being.

Giang Pham


Giang founded bePrana Integrated Wellness with the passion in integrating different Wellness elements into the truly personalized Wellness Journey and solutions for an organization or an individual, optimizing holistic human well-being, a sustainable living environment, and a balance World. As an Ayurveda Nutritionist, Advance Yoga Teacher, and a Sleep Science Advocate, she has been dedicatedly practicing, designing and coaching Integrated Wellness to organizations and individuals.
Prior to founding the bePrana Wellness Inc., Giang was a Corporate MBA participating in Eli Lilly and Company's prestigious Global Leadership Development Program. She was leading some chronic disease portfolios: Diabetes, Men Health in Asia Pacific countries.
Giang has been passionate about traditional medicine since early age. She also graduated MBA in Global Management from the top 1 International Business School, Thunderbird School of Global Management, AZ, USA.

Stoney Nhien

Sustainable and Environmental Wellness Lead

Being part of bePrana’s Sustainable and Environmental Wellness team connects strongly with my passion for sustainability. I believe bePrana’s integrated, holistic and tailored wellness approach is the way forward for individuals, organisations and the planet.

Health and sustainability have been my passion since I co-founded, developed and managed An Nhien farm four years ago. I’m proud that An Nhien has been recognised as the practical learning center for individuals, families and communities. Previously I worked in the international not-for-profit community, pioneering youth-led initiatives on climate change adaptation and helping direct advocacy and communications campaigns.

We look forward to helping improve holistic wellness for companies, organizations, teams or communities through bePrana's integrated wellness solutions.

Jack Le – Vu Thai

Mobile App Lead

Jack and Vu are some of the experts in mobile app development and big data management in Southeast Asia. Together with a team of experienced iOS and Android developers, they have developed several successful HeathTech, Traveltech, etc. applications.
Jack, Vu and mobile app team are passionate about bePrana’s values on making sustainable impacts on people’s and organizations’ Health and Wellness using innovation in applications development, blockchains, or Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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