We are looking for YOU talents!

If your WHY clicks with bePrana’s WHY, please go ahead exploring our benefits, requirements and opening roles below.

We look forward to hearing from YOU and WELCOMING the best fit talents onboard!


bePrana Team members General Benefits

All team members:

  • Health and Wellbeing customized training programs 
  • Monthly Superfood Nutrition, Natural Care and Wellness subscriptions
  • Tailor Professional Development Programs
  • Professional Growth opportunities, including cross-function
  • Employee’ rates for family/friends regular subscriptions
  • Competitive and diverse compensation options


  • All general benefits
  • 1x FREE Monthly subscriptions for a family member

CxOs, Directors:

  • All general benefits
  • Up to 3x FREE Monthly subscriptions for family members

bePrana Team members General Requirements

All team members:

  • Passionate about your own and your family and friends’ Health and Wellbeing 
  • ‘Growth-mindset’: eager to learn and grow in new expertise, capabilities or skills 
  • Teamwork-mindset, aka keen to be a Generalist: willing to support teammates or urgent tasks that aren’t your direct responsibilities but are important for important or urgent results 
  • Customer-centric mindset: go extra miles to deliver the best customer experience, especially internal teammates.
  • Result-based approach: Define the Results you’re committing to, what need to done at which timeline, requires which resources.
  • Open communication: any challenge, support needed, or conflict should be open to discuss to find BEST SOLUTIONS.
  • English is a huge plus. Or commit to learn, improve quickly.
  • Other requirements depend on your role.


  • Take ownership of your team’s results and responsibilities: Guide/update Leadership team regularly about your team’s results status. I.e. to achieve result A,B,C..
    • which strategies, 
    • what need to done, in
    • which timeline, at
    • which budget
    • etc
  • Guide, support your team members to define and achieve their results
  • Develop your team: training, coaching, mentoring plans 
  • Other responsibilities 

CxOs, Directors:

  • Ownership of the biz pillar, results and responsibilities, you’re in charge of
  • Regularly propose and update new initiatives for new results or optimizing current results
  • Other responsibilities 

bePrana Opening Roles: (role nào có vid link thì add vô text đó e nha)


  • CxOs Assistant
  • B2B Client Success Head
  • COO or Operation Manager
  • CMO or Marketing Manager 
  • Product Managers


  • Video editor
  • Content copywriter: English, Vietnamese
  • Designers
  • Global Interns