In our busy modern and urban lifestyle, we seem to never have enough time for all of what we want to be or do. And taking care of our own or our employees’ health and wellbeing is usually NOT a priority until it’s too late. Several years in a privilege Global Leadership Program with one of the Big Pharma corporations has shown me this pattern across different urban areas in Asia Pacific. The lifestyle chronic diseases, which mostly preventable or reversable with lifestyle adjustment, cost patients, their families, and their employers tremendously in both productivity and finance. 

The irony is when we don’t PRIORITIZE health and wellbeing, the COST OF “TOO LATE”, or low levels of health and wellbeing, is usually MULTIPLE TIMES to the PROACTIVE and STRATEGIC INVESTMENT into your employees’ and your own health and wellbeing. This realization was the constant passion and motivation for me to start bePrana Wellness and, together with my team, bring you the proactive and strategic solutions to 

  • TRACK your current Hydration, Nutrition, Exercises, and Sleep habits, 
  • SHAPE healthier ones, and 
  • IMPROVE your holistic health and wellbeing via Wellness training, retreats and bePrana mobile app/online programs.

To ensure a healthier, stronger and fun 2019, please feel free to contact us for a tailor program for your organization or any question you may have.

Happy holidays to you and yours from bePrana team!

Giang Pham

Founder/CEO – bePrana Wellness