(Mindful Breathing practice at adidas Vietnam during an AR #womentraining for #adidasrunnerssaigon facilitated by bePrana Wellness founder, Giang Pham)


Intense work schedules and pressure might cause most of us shallow breathing unconsciously.
When we breathe in a shallow way, the body remains in a cyclical state of stress – our stress causing shallow breathing and our shallow breathing causing stress.
Do you know the benefits of regular Mindful deep BREATHING practice?
  1. Increases Energy  
  2. Reduces Stress 
  3. Calms the Nervous System  
  4. Increases Alertness 
  5. Releases Muscle Tension 
  6. Strengthens the Lymphatic System 
  7. Improves the Respiratory System 
  8. Elevates the Digestive System
  9. Improves the Cardiovascular System   
  10. Enhance Our Patience and Mental State 
  11. keeps your brain and body healthy and young
If you and your team(s) would want to learn the practice, feel free to drop us a comment or DM, we will inform you our LIVE mindful deep BREATHING workshop.
Happy Thursday mindful breathing!
bePrana Wellness team